just a little bit of you
Jesus, there’s no need for words // Everyone calls you a work of art // Just a little bit of you, gonna fiercely treasure you Baby~
imagine staring at the curve of pyo’s broad back, imagine running your fingers along his spine and him being all ticklish. then imagine him turning around to catch you looking flushed and he grins, asking What Are You Thinking About. but you’re embarrassed so you walked away but he walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you back against him and he rests his head over your shoulder.





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Namsong eyebrow game too strong.

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N vs Starlights

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pyo seems like he has a broad chest and broad shoulders. like I saw a comparison pic between his chest and zico's and zico's chest size is fragile and small compared to pyo's lmao it'd probably feel nice to have pyo hug you from behind.

i actually stopped breathing for a second hold on


Yes. Yes he has a very nice build. His shoulders are amazing wow someone please put an end to my suffering also his back is very important where’s that picture i need that picture hold on….


this picture, from popsicle

i’m trying very hard not to think of pyo backhugs wow why would you do that to me i bet they would be warm and safe and smell so good

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