just a little bit of you
Jesus, there’s no need for words // Everyone calls you a work of art // Just a little bit of you, gonna fiercely treasure you Baby~



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send a free sms to #2566 to vote for block b here

  • select “Korea, Republic of (South Korea) +82
  • type in “2566" in the destination number 
  • type in “블락비" in the message box
TWITTER 140731


[ZICO] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱ

Ah ㅋㅋㄱ

I’m going crazy

So embarrassed

I’m sorry

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don’t forget to vote for block b at m!countdown~!^^

1 vote per day/ID

u can also sign in through twitter or facebook

poll open from friday to monday

takes like 2 seconds so why not??



1) Do not spam the tweet with the same hashtag
2) Do not attach any links or pictures to your tweets
3) There must be words in between your hashtags
4) Only up to 4 hashtags per tweet will be counted
5) “LOL #BLOCKB is #블락비 so #헐 is #HER right” makes it 4 hashtags. You must tweet like this for it to count.
6) A tweet which has at least 10 RTs is counted as 1 extra point but it won’t get any more points for more retweets so you might as well leave it be and RT one with less than 10 RTs.
7) Although complicated, there must be words before and after each hashtag for it to count. This means your tweet cannot start or end with a hashtag.

This is the information we have translated as shared by KBBCs!

Source: Link

Translated by: SimpletonJun @ BBINTL

Please take out with full credit.


[INFO] Voting for Show Champion has re-opened!

(How to register to vote)

Link to poll: You can vote 3 times with 1 ID per day.

(You don’t need to confirm your email account so you can make as many accounts as you wish)

Once you log in and vote, the list will refresh itself to count your vote. Once you use up all 3 votes, a small dialogue box will appear to say you have used them all up.

Voting is open until Sunday so please remind others and remember to vote everyday yourself as well! ^^


+ Here is a checklist to keep you all nice and organised~

[INFO] The voting for INKIGAYO this week has opened.


The week has only started but it’s already time to get busy BBCs!

Please use this tutorial to vote for BLOCK B! Remember you can only vote once a week with one phone number. If you want to vote again, you’ll have to download the app onto another phone, register it and vote^^


Select BLOCK B HER and click on 투표 

(Be careful because sometimes the image doesn’t match the correct names)


Click on 투표하기


Look at this polite app. It’s thanking us for taking part in the voting process. Click on 확인.


If you get that cute blue tick next to BLOCK B, then that means you have successfully voted for BLOCK B HER for Inkigayo! :D

Well done!!

Please share and make other oblivious friends vote too^^

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Tutorial Credit: BBINTL